Beijing eastern and bright color electrical science and technology development limited company is the high technological company that is engaged in the development of the electronics display series engineering system. Having been operated for many years, The company is concentrated on the LED, DLP, LCD etc. technology to spread their public and innovative use at show system engineering realm and more rofessional applied in each profession of the intelligence line up system. The realm of LED puts forth effort to study and develop the product and use of each  kind of manifestation, the LED city illuminate system, the series of LED display screen, the control system of the LED, the stage LED light, the bar LED display and amusement industries, and they are also used in great quantities in the amusement place such as bar, hall of disco , night club, studio and vocal concert etc, and the city lighting engineering system such as the mansion and the bridge. The DLP and LCD realm puts forth effort in two kinds of technical video frequencies display application system, the integral whole machine and the back projected big screen are mainly used in the meeting system, training system, supervision system, square, the station, hall, exhibition etc. The intelligence line up system tries its best to put its professional adaptability, service and concordance to the bank, hospital and correspond industry. Eastern and bright color company has gotten colorful experiences and owned a batch of technological and compound talents  by developing, producing and practicing in the last years, and we are experienced in the LED, DLP, LCD big screen application technique development, the producing control, the product test and install etc. The company  big screen  system ngineering department designs various service project with meticulous care, provides the comprehensive service that is measured to their order according to the particular need of customers with the good professional technical ability, abundant fulfillment idea and thoughtful service consciousnesses, and provides the most dependent service with the advanced technology solution and system products.   
   Beijing eastern and bright color electrical science and technology development limited company keeps its management principle of “ First for customers, high efficiency high worth, system management, the continuous improvement, making  policy in control, benefit for each other” and take orders the respect-work spirit of" high quality, excellent service, heavy trustworthiness, exhausted job, the customer's satisfaction is the management system we seek" since its establishment, making people the center, solidify enterprising, relying on technique, pursuing the advanced, efficient and perfect service after sale. We provide the scheme and technology of the display screen’s producing professionally. In recent years our company continuously gets along with other company on the business exchanges, and to improve our technological level, and have already ascended one of the domestic industry group leader business enterprises now. Currently our company is being placed in the high speed development stage, and participating the domestic, international competition actively in order to extend the domestic, abroad market.